The average company spends upwards of 25 hours per week working with credit card authorization forms and reconciliations.  Imagine the savings of time and money if that process could be reduced by 80 percent.

Introducing V-Card from Zulu Solutions.

Zulu Solutions took on the myth that Expedia offers the lowest hotel rates to see if Zulu Solutions negotiated hotel rates were competitive.

Zulu Solutions compared hotel rates in 106 random cities and discovered the Zulu Solutions-negotiated hotel rates were lower than Expedia in 94 of the 106 cities by an average of $47.02.

Travel is commonly a company's three largest expenses. You know where your people are going, but do you know where all your money is going?


Make your investment in travel a competitive advantage for your company. With Sourcing Insight through Zulusolutions, your company can realize valuable savings in time, resources and money.

Over the past 5 years, hotel spend has increased dramatically, even surpassing the cost of airfare for most companies. Many companies are facing rising costs due to rate increases, changes in amenities and lost negotiating power due to leakage.


Introducing Zulu Solutions Hotel Proven Process, designed to reduce travel spend by as much as 20%,